The Conor Jerome Catholic Education Assistance Program (CJCEAP)


The Conor Jerome Catholic Education Assistance Program (CJCEAP) is a need-based scholarship grant program developed and administered by Fredericksburg Council #4034 of the Knights of Columbus. The purpose of the program is twofold:

a. To give deserving students the financial means to continue their Catholic school education, and

b. To provide financial assistance in the form of grants to families who, because of financial difficulties, are unable to fully pay the current year’s tuition at Saint John Paul the Great High School or Saint Michael the Archangel High School, Fredericksburg, VA.


For a student and family to be eligible for consideration, the following criteria must be met:

a. The family must be active parishioners registered with St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Fredericksburg, VA.
b. The student must be attending Saint John Paul the Great High School, Dumfries, VA or Saint Michael the Archangel High School, Fredericksburg, VA
c. The family must demonstrate financial need.
d. The student must demonstrate a potential for academic success.
e. Parent(s) must volunteer/help at the Parish.
f. Scholarships are awarded irrespective of race, gender, or national origin

 Grant Application Procedure

Students must complete the enclosed Grant Application Form. It must be typed. Additional typed pages may be used, but please indicate which question the additional information pertains to. Failure to use the Grant Application format or provide ALL requested information will result in rejection of the application. Important: Students must also complete an essay.

Essay Requirements: Applicants must submit an essay that addresses one of the two statements in red:
What does Mother Mary’s Rosary mean to you and how has it impacted you or someone you are close with, in helping you/them to grow in faithOr
Explain how young Catholics can evangelize our faith to families and friends who have turned away from religion and encourage them to return to the Church and embrace the sacraments.

Grant applications should be placed in an envelope marked CJCEAP – CONFIDENTIAL and mailed (postmarked) no later than Saturday, October 29th, 2022, to:
Fredericksburg Council #4034
ATTN: CJCEAP Scholarship Grants
Post Office Box 146
Fredericksburg, VA 22404

The full application packet, including directions & required forms, can be downloaded here