Student Athletes and Reclassification


What you need to know


COVID 19  presented unique challenges to students athletes like you who want to go to college and who desire to use their academic prowess and athletic ability to help pay for college. 

Here’s What College Coaches Want to Know

  • What is your GPA?
  • Have you taken honors/AP courses?
  • What are your ACT/SAT test scores?


It’s true:

Grades matter more than athletic ability


States cancelling and rescheduling high school
sports seasons puts athletes in those states
at significant disadvantages when other states
have not cancelled or moved sports seasons.

If You are a rising 10th–12th grade student,
You should consider reclassification.


Reclassification can only be done in the private school sector where a student athlete can play 5 varsity seasons or have 10 semesters of eligibility.

By contrast, the public high school system in Virginia allows only 4 varsity seasons or 8 semesters of eligibility from the student’s first day as a freshman.

What exactly is reclassification?

You are eligible to repeat a grade prior to the beginning of your 12th grade year, taking additional courses to bolster your transcript. Reclassification helps you improve your GPA and take of additional classes to better position you for college acceptance.

In the private school sector this means you also gain a year of eligibility for athletic competition and improve your opportunities.

Am I eligible?

A student wishing to repeat a grade (reclassify) must do so for non-athletic reasons and in compliance with all conference requirements, as applicable. The change in grade status must be reflected in all school records and publications as soon as practicable following the date of reclassification. A student may not complete the graduation requirements of a school for any diploma category and receive athletic eligibility in the following year. The student may not be a high school senior. The student shall not have reached the age of 19 on or before August 1 of the school year in which he or she wishes to compete.

Not all private schools allow reclassification. Some private school athletic conferences have specific rules governing reclass.


You have the option in your extra year of high school to take honors classes and dual enrollment classes, improve your GPA, bolster your transcripts, and if needed, retake the SAT and/or ACT to improve your chance of
getting accepted into college.

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