GPA & Grading Level Requirements

Weighted Point System

Saint Michael’s uses a weighted point system to reflect student performance. More difficult courses, namely honors and AP, are weighted more than standard courses.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

All students enrolled in an AP class will be required remit a nonrefundable payment due at the time of registration to take the AP exam in the spring. Additionally, students who choose not to take the AP exam after exams are ordered will be required to reimburse the school for the cost of the test and any associated penalties imposed on the school by the College Board.

Honors Courses

To qualify for honors credit, a worthy student will complete additional assignments and assessments in what are otherwise standard courses of instruction; such credit is not available for freshman-level courses.

Grade Reporting

Grade reporting for the academic year will be two interim advisories per semester. The alphabetic grades on these reports will provide a snapshot of the student’s progress and are used administratively to determine eligibility for extracurricular participation. Parents are able to consistently review students’ grades online on Gradelink. Students have access, too. Taking personal responsibility for one’s own education is crucial to preparing the student for their future as an adult.

Semester exams are given at the end of a semester and are averaged into the semester grades which are numeric and used not only to determine eligibility for extracurricular participation but for the Honor Roll as well.

The final numeric grade for a year-long course is derived from the average of the two semester grades.

Academic Honors

The Honor Roll is announced upon the issuance of semester report cards. Students who have a report card with no grade lower than a 95 make First Honors. Students with no grade lower than 90 make Second Honors, and those with no grade lower than 85 make Third Honors. A student must take at least five classes to be named to the Honor Roll.

Dual Enrollment

Saint Michael’s offers dual enrollment with Germanna College. Click here for more information.

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