Dress Code

You can purchase school uniforms at:
Uniform Code: Stmi05

Other items can be purchased in retail stores:
Uniform 1 Boy- Navy blazer, khakis, white oxford shirt, belt, dress shoe, tie/bow tie
Uniform 1 Girl- Navy blazer, knee sock (black, white, or navy blue)., white oxford shirt (skirt must be purchased by uniform company), dress shoe 

Uniform 2 Boy- khakis, polo, belt, dress shoe
Uniform 2 Girl-polo , knee socks (black, white, or navy blue), dress shoe, (skirt and blue navy sweater must be purchased by uniform company)

NO sweatshirts of any kind are ALLOWED until Oct. 17. After Oct. 17 any SMHS sweatshirts can be worn on Uniform 2 days.

Dress Code:
Monday- Uniform 1
Tuesday-Uniform 2
Wednesday-Uniform 1
Thursday- Uniform 2
Friday-Uniform 2 ( TBA Jeans with Faith alternative)

$3 Uniform infractions will be enforced.
1st violation- Warning
2nd violation-After school detention
3rd violation-removal of school until appropriate attire (grades will reflect violation) provided in Parent and Student Handbook

Any questions, please contact the school for clarification.


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