Culture of Life

Life is our most precious gift from God!

Saint Michael the Archangel High School is firmly committed to the teachings of the Catholic Church and promoting a Culture of Life. In partnership with America’s foremost Catholic Pro-life organization, the American Life League (, Saint Michael provides course material, lectures, activities and internships that espouse a Culture of Life and aid our young people to go out into the world and make a difference for the better. Some of the issues our young men and women will face include personhood, abortion, artificial human reproduction (in vitro fertilization, surrogacy, cloning), stem cell research, contraception, genetic manipulation, fertility care, embryo adoption, abnormal pregnancies, the death penalty, pain management, redemptive suffering, end-of-life medical care, euthanasia, assisted suicide, organ donation, and brain death. By the careful integration of faith and reason, Saint Michael students learn the true teachings of the Catholic Church on these matters and how they can live out these teachings in order to promote a Culture of Life.

The vision for the Culture of Life curriculum that Saint Michael developed is to make it available for use by other Catholic school systems and home school families across America. By educating young people to the truth, we hope to raise up generations of Catholic Warriors who live our faith and whose witness to Christ helps to reclaim the Culture of Life in American society.

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